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away from everything that i was doing but it does take up an enormous amount of time that you don't realize. katie: and you wanted to focus on movies and your music. >> at the end of the day i'm not a judge, i'm a performer, at heart. iming a singer, an actress, a dancer. katie: what do you think you do the west of all those things. where do you think you shine the most? katie: do you feel confident as an actor? >> i feel confident as an actor. i think the biggest insecurity i had was with singing. because people criticize my voice. and that, again, you get hurt you're like what? i'm singing, what the heck, come on. katie: was that hard, by the way, when people would take shots at you for that?
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>> oh my god, yeah, because it creates more insecurity. so for a long time i didn't believe in myself in that way. i have to say marc was very helpful, because i always had such respect for his voice, because he's one of the most phenomenal singers, and he always told me -- [cheers and applause] yeah, he is. he always told me, you have an amazing voice. it's a confidence thing with you. you got to let it out. and now that i'm singing live and every night, you know, you realize you have to give yourself credit sometimes. and go you know what? so many millions of albums later, you shouldn't care about what people think. [laughter] katie: i must be doing something right! >> you should feel good about it. we like that, we tend to beat ourselves up. katie: absolutely. >> i feel better than that now. but always as an actress i always felt comfortable and confident. that was aig part leaving idol too, it freed me up to accept some movie things. katie: we'll be waiting and watching.
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when we come back, we're going where cameras have never gone before, inside jennifer's closet. [cheers and applause] katie: and later -- >> be cool and calm and open. katie: there's a behind the scenes meeting in my dressing room and jennifer has no idea. room and jennifer has no idea. come back to find out what
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[cheers and applause] katie: and that was jennifer
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shooting her september cover for "in style" magazine. i'm also in tissue, but of course j-lo's on the cover. [laughter] recently she opened a lot of doors for us including the one to her home. so let's take a look. what better way to watch your own movie than in your very own screening room? and everyone from the block can drop by because this theater seats 20. just down the haul the room where jennifer runs her empire, her home office. jam-packed with the hardware to prove she's got all the right moves. three american music awards, a pair of people choice awards and two moon men, otherwise known as mtv music awards. but this is where the magic really happens, her closet. [cheers and applause] it's filled from top to bottom with dresses, and bracelets, and shoes, oh my.
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it's high heel heaven, and remember that show-stopping dress that made jaws and necklines everywhere drop to the ground? that $15,000 green gambley get-up is now on the floor. needless to say, this place makes us all a little green with envy. [cheers and applause] >> that's real exclusive that you got there. katie: that is a big -- you've got a lot of shoes, what size are you because i'm thinking -- >> eight and a half, nine. katie: oh really? [cheers and applause] they're excited. let me ask you about that versace dress you wore at the grammy's. were you surprised? >> i was so surprised. i was so oblivious about everything back then.
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i was kind of walking through. i don't know, it was just a nice dress that fit, you know? [laughter] i guess kind of. katie: were you worried? >> now when i see it, i go wow, for me it felt like it was just like a slit. but when you're moving in the dress, then you see like when they photograph it like that, it's so open. i was like i guess that's why it was a big deal. [laughter] katie: yeah. were you worried about a wardrobe malfunction? >> no, no, i had tape. we do all kind of tricks. katie: so what are you going to do with that dress? it's on the floor in your closet. i think you should donate to the to the smithsonium. >> if they ask, maybe i will. i just have it there in a box. we just literally got it done like that because it was hanging on the rack with all the other dresses. maybe we should preserve this one. katie: meanwhile, you have a beautiful figure but you're not stick thin, you're not sort of emaciated looking like so many celebrities are these days, quite frankly. and curvy, she's -- [cheers and applause] did you ever have any insecurities about your body?
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that's a stupid question, because you're curvy and sexy. >> absolutely, absolutely. when i was on "in living cop lor," i was a fly girl on that show many years ago. [cheers and applause] katie: i love that show. >> i was a chunky fly girl. it was like everybody was on me always about losing weight and all the other girls and dancers, were very thin. you know, it definitely kind of made me feel self conscious, you know. what am i wearing, if you notice a lot of times i wear really big, baggy stuff on the show. the other girls will be in like leggings. so i took on kind of this tomboyish persona, i cut my hair really short. this is one of those periods that you go through. i started coming into my own, and -- katie: when did you start to embrace and feel comfortable with the body you had? >> shortly after that. shortly after that, i realized it was a lesson to me to embrace
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myself, be myself. i was amongst these four other girls. but they picked me because i was different, you know? and that was ok. after that i kind of really, i think once i started acting too, right after i left the show, i just became really focused on becoming a great, i wanted to be the greatest actress that ever lived, going to class all the time. it wasn't about my body. it was about how i felt in my heart, my mind. and that kind of went away and took care of itself. katie: you have a beautiful figure and nice to see you on stage kind of embracing it, dressing it, wearing it. owning it. >> owning it, yeah. tie: anyway, we'll have more with jennifer lopez when we come back. [cheers and applause] katie: and later -- >> be cool and calm and open. >> katie: there's a behind the scenes meeting room in my dressing room and jennifer has
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no idea. come back to find out what j-lo's beau and i have been up to. people magazine rave "katie" is a big impress civil production. katie: do you feel sexier today than when you were 20? >> no. >> i'm shy, but i'm also brooklyn. >> "katie" is extremely talented.
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[cheers and applause] katie: we're back with jennifer lopez. the actor, singer, fashion designer, businesswoman, oh yeah, "people" magazine's world most beautiful woman. but i don't hate you because you're beautiful. >> thank you. katie: i think you're great. you said "when you're young you think you know it at all but at a certain point you know you don't. that's the payoff of becoming an adult. you find an inner strength you don't have when you're younger. so i get the sense that you're embracing getting older.
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i mean not just 43, but 43 and beyond. >> yeah. it's funny, again the whole number thing for me is hard to kind of get my mind around because i don't feel like that, you know? i feel, like i said, very youthful. it's true, i really do love the experience, you know. i love gaining wisdom as i go. i love sharing that. i feel that's part of my job as an artist, is to take my life experiences and what i learned and translate into something that is entertaining and share it. katie: it seems like women increasingly are afraid to age, afraid to get older. >> it's scary! katie: they'll do everything they can, whether it's putting needles in their face, getting plastic surgery. i wish we could all -- i'm just talking to all women out there, you know kind of accept it and kind of make that a standard of beauty as well. >> i really feel like the world, because of people, because some
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of our celebrities right now, our actresses, our singers, like jennifer aniston and sandra bullock, julia roberts, they're all in their 40's. before in hollywood, it was like 30, you're over. now our biggest actresses, they're realizing we have so much to offer at that time. and we're coming into our own. and it's actually a really beautiful time, the worst thing you can do is ever write somebody off as they gain more wisdom and knowledge and beauty and inner beauty as they get older. and i really feel like the world is starting to embrace that. katie: right on, sista! [cheers and applause] we hope so, we hope so. it's no surprise, because you always look so stunning, a lot of women have tried to get jennifer's bronze goddess look, including someone named cindy. she's 44 years old. she's a mother of two teenage boys. now this is what cindy looked like when she came to our studio earlier today.
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the glam squad has been busy backstage helping cindy get your look, jennifer and now she's yesterdayy to come out. so cindy? [cheers and applause] >> you look beautiful! you look beautiful! you look gourgouse. this hair is perfect. >> thank you. katie: you look amazing. >> thank you. katie: so jennifer, how do you get your look? because i want to look like you too. >> no, i mean honestly, i don't like to go too heavy. like in my normal, every day life with make-up. a thin foundation, a little bit of bronze, a little bit of lips. katie: you do a very pretty neutral pale lip with a lot of gloss. it's really pretty. >> this has become a signature of mine. i actually feel like i look better. i'll wear a strong lip. very rare for me. katie: cindy, you look beautiful. how do you feel? >> i feel beautiful. [cheers and applause]
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katie: and you're wearing one of jennifer's designers from cole's, which i really like as well. you look fantastic. i hope you're going to go some place nice after dinner too noith with your husband. >> i hope so, i hope so. katie: you better. we'll be back with more right after this. [cheers and applause] katie: and later -- >> be cool and calm and open. shh. there's a behind the scenes meeting in my dressing room and jennifer has no idea. come back to find out what we've been up to.
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[cheers and applause] katie: welcome back everyone. it's been 25 years since jennifer graduated from preston high school in the bronx. today we have a very special performance from four of the students at her alma mater. corey, angela, amanda and
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gabrielle. are you girls ready? well hit it. are you girls ready? well hit it. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> time-out! time-out!
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something's missing here. something's not right. >> what are you doing? >> i know what it is. i need my dance partner. [cheers and applause] [laughter] [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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katie: i totally screwed that up. i don't know if i can do it again. it was so hard. i have so much respect for you. >> thank you. katie: bo casper, so nice. he worked with me yesterday -- >> what? katie: i was like i can't do that. i'm just not hip like you. >> you did it. katie: it is so much fun. he is good, can i just say and such a nice guy. we had so much funning to. thank you for doing that. [cheers and applause] katie: were you afraid he was coming for you? >> i was like dude,ly kill you right now. katie: we punked jennifer lopez. girls, thank you so much, girls. you guys were great. great, thank you.
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thank you. and we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] and we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] ♪
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[cheers and applause] katie: the whole studio audience is going home with a copy of jennifer lopez's c.d. [cheers and applause] plus, there are goody bags of some of her favorite loreal
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product paris products. [cheers and applause] thank you all so much for being here. thank you for watching! [cheers and applause]
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catastrophe, the likes of which the state has never before seen. he held an unnerving news conference a short while ago.
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during which he issued a katrina-like warning to the thousand of people in the state who he estimates are -- are marooned in their homes with no way, no way of getting out tonight. he issued a stark warning. no way the government can come rescue themmen the m ethem -- ao dan harris. next up, dramatic high stakes evacuation. one of new york state's biggest hospitals, forced to move their patients -- even, during the chaos.
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thank you for joining us. the floodwaters of tonight's super storm are receding, but there is no doubt it has crippled new york city. officials tell abc news that new york may be without power for several days. and that the flooded subway system will be out of service until well after the power is restored. we want to take you back to the drama unfolding in the nyu hospital in manhattan where the effects of the power outage were felt acutely when backup generators failed. the hospital was forced to evacuate their patients including 20 infants from the neo natal intensive care unit. we are joined now by our new york affiliate, wabc's, kimberly
3:12 am
richardson on the scene. >> that forced officials here at the hospital to evacuate roughly 200 patient. talking pediatrics, talking emergency room patients, across the board. what that means is that, for 16, at this high rise hospital, all had to be evacuated. inside the hospital. officials are relying on flash lights to get around, we are told, e-mail, and phone system want down at the hospital. what happened is this caravan of ambulances, waiting here on the avenue, on first avenue, we have seen at least three dozen. and this morning, those -- they're coming up, waiting to
3:13 am
take patients. they come in the circular driveway, front of the hospital, the stretcher that is going on in right now. that stretcher goes into the lobby. here is another ambulance waiting. it will come out, get loaded up into the ambulance. here this evening, and, this morning, we have seen -- infants coming out. we have seen new moms cradling their babies on stretchers getting into ambulances. we have seen infants coming from the nicu, seriously ill infants. on oxygen. still trying to get the rest of the patients out of the hospital. they're spreading them out to other area hospitals. and in the new york city area. in new york, kimberly richardson, abc news. >> our thanks. what an extraordinary story. another extraordinary story, further to the south, amid the gale-force winds and giant storm waves.
3:14 am
incredible drama played out on the open seas today. a high stakes helicopter rescue. after a replica of a 200-year-old ship sailed straight into the wrath of the storm off the coast of the carolinas after a grave miscalculation by the captain who thought it would be safer out at sea than in port. abc's matt gutman has the story from elizabeth city, north carolina. >> its final journey began last week as it headed toward its winter port in st. petersburg. the tall ship, the majestic, made its debut in "mutt knee ine bounty." offscreen, a training ship for sailing. this its. what the ship looks like when buffeted by rough waters. but even before it left port, the bounty changed its course, abc news learned. the captain tacked east hoping to avoid the brunt of hurricane
3:15 am
sandy. the captain face booked his reasoning. saying a ship is safer at sea than at port. the 20-foot waves battered the ship causing it to lose power. the update on face book. like. the bounty taking on waterment the kru hascrew abandoned ship. the sos at midnight. because of heavy wind it took seven hours before the coast guard chopper got to the scene, arriving at dawn. they found the bounty's crew 100 miles offshore, bobbing look human corks. the waves topping 20 feet. in this covered raft. their faces peeking out. with their fuel burning fast, the first coast guard diver is lowered down. with the pilot fighting to hold steady, at 30 feet above the water, rescue swimmer, dan todd
3:16 am
pulled each survivor into the water. >> survivor in the water. >> i jumped in. hey, i am dan. i heard you needed a ride. >> he towed them through the waves from the chopper. survivors were hoisted up one at a time. >> it's swinging. >> we went straight over to the next life raft. it had throw more people. >> reporter: 14 people total. the mountainous waves. then a two hour flight become to land. and one of the pilots. >> as we left the scene. some of them started get eg motional, realizing that they had left shipmates behind. we were still out there looking for them. >> reporter: two sailors were missing, the captain. this chopper headed become to continue the search. the bounty was not the only ship caughten the perfect storm. today, five cruise ships were ensnared in the violent wind and waves. across the atlantic seaboard seeking harbor. prisoners on the disney cruise,
3:17 am
tossed around. water sloshing over the decks, terrified passengers told to stay in their rooms. guests stay in your cabins. that is the place to be. ending a cruise, their ship got caughten the storm. >> you know the doors in our suite begin to slam shut and open. >> they captured their ordeal on videotape, jult side their 12th floor window. rough seas. inside their cabin, total chaos. the ship did manage to dock safely in florida. to compensate guests for the wild ride they were given a 25% discount on their next cruise. we felt the power of the waves this morning. nearly 300 miles from our location in north carolina's outer banks, but still treacherous. setting up for "good morning america" on a dune, we thought out of harm's way. my producer, candice smith swept off her feet. waves engulfing us.
3:18 am
both of us were wet, but okay. maritime safety experts told us that cruise ships should be large enough to safely navigate the swells of a storm like sandy. but when the 7,500 ton cruise liner was battered by heavy storms it sank, capsizing. we learned more about the fate of the two missing soilo ining miraculously found, unable to resuscitate her. the other the captain, unable to steer out of the way, he is missing. the ship is sunk. the coast guard is investigating the incident. interviewing each and every one of the 14 survivors. cynthia. >> thanks to you, matt gutman. next up, a super storm the only thing that could quiet a presidential race as tight as this one. we find out how the candidates are riding out the storm.
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the perfect storm bears down on the east coast. millions, in its path, turn to the abc news extreme weather team for breaking up to the men out reports on super storm sandy.
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>> announcer: this speci al edition of "nightline," the perfect storm, continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. well tonight the midwest is bracing for the extreme weather this storm could bring. and of course, the middle of the country is also home to many of the country's critical swing states. over the next couple weeks in the election. and with only seven days to go before voting day, this storm is just about the only thing that could slow down a race this tight. but both candidates have put their official campaign events on hold while the storm rages. abc's jake tapper reports from the suddenly quiet campaign trail. good evening, cynthia. president obama was supposed to hold a rally here in orlando, florida. but hurricane sandy made other plans for him. president obama, pulled
3:24 am
candidate obama off the trail today, pulling a no-show at his orlando, florida, rally to race back to the was to monitor the hurricane. >> this is going to be a big and powerful storm. >> reporter: in the whaake of t harsh criticism, of the president, flying to las vegas after the benghazi post was attacked. two photos of the president being briefed. and he cam out to the briefing room to warn americans to heed local and state officials and to underline what's truly important. >> i am not worried at this point, the impact on the election, i am worried about the impact on families and impact on our first responders. the election will take care of itself next week. >> there is no doubt the election is being impacted by the storm. both candidates planned to spend the final days of ethe election crisscrossing battleground states. instead they're laying low.
3:25 am
canceled a combined 30 events since saturday. two obama campaign events went on without the headliner. one in orlando and youngstown, ohio, where former president bill clinton and vice president biden after getting a blast of wind on the tarmac praised obama's presidential decision. >> he got up this morning and called me, said i have to go back, the storm is getting out of hand. i got to handle it. i said, mr. president, that is the right call. >> reporter: romney squeezed in ralliesen avon lake, ohio, and davenport, iowa, before pressing pause on this campaign. >> hopefully your thought and prayers will join with me and people across the country when you think about folks that are in harm's way. we love our fellow americans. wish them well. >> this is the closest election since modern polling began in 1936. with the candidates averaging a 48% to 48%, tie, since september. and in the perfect storm of an election comes this storm, slicing a path through
3:26 am
battleground state, north carolina, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. potentially impacting early voting. and who knows where the recovery from the storm will be one week from tomorrow. thus the candidates are trying to project leadership. >> speaking today with the national weather service and folks at fema they're preparing for the landfall of a very, very dangerous hurricane. >> reporter: a tougher task perhaps for the candidate who does not runt f the federal government. with president obama in washington, d.c. you may wonder why i and the press corps are here in florida, the bottom line it wasn't safe for our press chart tire fly become to washington. we are not exactly "air force one." so we are sitting here waiting for president obama to decide to when he is going to resume his time on the campaign trail and catch up with him there. cynthia. >> thank you to you, jake tapper. "good morning america" will have all of the latest updates in the morning with nearly 5 million
3:27 am
people still without power, 13 reported dead, the atlantic coast, picking up the pieces from the whaeak of the storm effects could ripple across the midwest and atlantic states. check in for the updates on stay safe, america. good night from all of us at abc news.
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hours. but none so stark as the one from lower manhattan. where a massive chunk of one of the busiest cities in the world literally went dark. and as that darkness fell, the rivers that surround lower manhattan emptied on to city streets. >> surreal is not even the word here. this perfect storm as it has been called, left power problems in its wake, far from the eye of the storm caused by so many downed power lines, fires and flooding. here in new york city. this dramatic explosion caught on tape. plunging an entire neighborhood into darkness. so many questions this morning about, now the aftermath of sandy, going to be the discussion for days. of course, we begin a few miles away in lower manhattan, home to the nation's financial center, of course, that's
3:32 am
the explosion we mentioned a second ago that caused power outages. in that part of the city. dramatic footage there. on top of that -- the water was the part of the story, a wall of it 14 feet high came over the sea wall right into the streets of this city. >> abc's juju chang is there this morning and joins us with the latest. juju? >> reporter: storm surges of up to 11 feet have been battering the southern tip of this island. streets and avenues turning to rivers as the water surrounding manhattan poured over sea walls in the full moon high tide. we were with new york governor andrew cuomo as he watched the water surge at the mouth of one tunnel at the height of the storm. what is your biggest concern at this hour? >> the -- where it stops, that's the first thing, where it stops, when it stops? and what damage it is doing in the meantime? >> reporter: water flooded the newly unveiled ground zero memorial. much it underground. just uptown, the facade of a four-story residential building came toppling down exposing
3:33 am
apartments inside leaving no one injured. new york officials were so concerned about 90-mile-an-hour gusts of wind touching down they shut down the historic brooklyn bridge and just about every bridge and tunnel coming into manhattan. offshore, lady liberty's torch has been extinguished as power outages spread across town. a small explosion hitting a con-edison plant. there are 375,000 people who live in the evacuation zones in low-lying areas prone to flooding. deep in the heart of the evacuation zone we ran across stubborn holdouts who decided to ride out the storm. what is your biggest fear as the storm is hanging over us? >> my biggest fear is we have two very large cranes on the north side of our building. if something were to come unhinged and the frame would come down and collapse into the building. >> reporter: matthew is right to be concerned about the crane. in midtown, high above a luxury building, a construction crane toppled over in the high wind. threatening pedestrians below. >> i heard that it could come down. i thought i would come check it
3:34 am
out. >> reporter: a nearby high end hotel evacuated their guests. >> watch your back, folks. get on the sidewalk! >> reporter: that crane dangles in the fierce winds and the bradshaws report they too have lost power. they say it will be a long couple of days. >> we are just about literally, minutes from high tide. but this -- this is not good. this is not good. >> reporter: that's an understatement. >> yeah. >> what a 12 hours it has been. also a developing story right now. a terrifying night for more than 200 patients at one of the nation's largest hospitals. after a backup generator failed at new york university medical center, the patients had to be evacuated right in the middle of the storm. >> they started with the sickest and youngest including 20 infants from the neo-natal intensive care unit. also known as the nic-u. we are told that city officials are doing a head count at other hospitals in getting projections on how long battery backup power can last. >> it is such an amazing scene.
3:35 am
look at the line of ambulances right there, lining up to get the folks, other hospitals that are functional right there. the folks in critical condition. every second counts. they have to be so careful with lives in your hand. the picture showing the line of ambulances outside, nyu medical center there to evacuate patients. this could be one of the big questions after the storm. how could the backup generators at one of the country's best hospitals simply fail? on top of that, transformer explosion is being blamed for knock ing out some of the power in manhattan. >> around 8:30 eastern last night. sending sparks from a con-edison plant into the night sky. miraculously, no reported injuries. the utility is calling it a "substation equipment failure." con-ed officials say even their own offices are running on limited power as they scramble to cope with outages. also, fire fighters in new york pulled off a dramatic rescue as sandy bore down on the city. they waded through chest-high
3:36 am
floodwaters to get, to get to a fire that was tearing through a block in the neighborhood of far rockaway queens. they scaled a burning building and pulled about 25 people from the roof. three surrounding buildings collapsed. but the firefighters did manage to get the residents safely to higher ground. sandy blew ashore and brought a massive storm surge and flooding to the jersey coast. >> my home state. point pleasant beach one of the areas overrun with water left in the dark on top of that. abc's reporter is there, i spoke with him just a few moments ago. >> reporter: rob, point pleasant beach, new jersey, popular shore town here on the jersey coast. there is an amusement park. a popular night life spot. but it has been, basically, flooded in, from the storm. and we were on the beach doing live shots when the water started to overtake the dunes. at that point we felt, we had to move our truck, because the water was coming in on to the streets. not just -- in the areas right
3:37 am
by the beach, but actually flooding some of city streets. we decided to move a half mile away and rebase. we were broadcasting. then all of a sudden the water crept up behind us there. half mile from the shore. so, we moved another quarter mile away. we hope that we are safe here. you have reported there are hundreds of thousand of people in the state without electricity. there is no light to be seen here. no power whatsoever. >> do you get the sense that most people heeded the government's warnings to get out of dodge? >> in this area, rob. most people have heeded the evacuation warnings and orders. i think that's probably true for most of the coastal communities in new jersey. >> have the waters started to recede at all so far? or is it still as bad as it was a few hours ago? >> we have not yet had a sense to get out around town. with natural sunlight or natural daylight to see exact ly what has gone on here. as soon as the sun does rise, as soon as daybreak allows, we will venture out and assess what
3:38 am
happened. >> in a storm like this so often the real danger and the real killer is the storm surge. really is. we have seen that play out the last 12 hours. there are also reports this morning that more than half of atlantic city, new jersey, is underwater. >> floodwaters up to 6 feet deep surging into the city streets and damaged an old section of the famous boardwalk that you see here. a 300-yard section, waves were as high as the light poles on the boardwalk. but again that is where sandy first touched down on the east coast. >> unimaginable scene. landfall, 8:00 last night. also they're waiting for daylight to assess the devastation along the jersey shore where sandy made landfall just a few hours ago. >> sandy cut off not just atlantic city, but other barrier island communities as well. the national guard and fire department spent much of the night rescuing residents who insisted on staying despite a very stern warning from the governor. >> this is not a time to be a showoff.
3:39 am
this is not a time to be stupid. this its a time to try to save yourself and your family. >> at least 10 people had to be rescued from the tops of their roofs, a curfew in effect in atlantic city. until morning. i don't understand why any one would want to mess with evacuation orders. just get out. >> those officials give those warnings for a reason. some new jersey towns right across the hudson river from new york are dealing with serious flooding this morning. last night, emergency crews had to rescue several people from their flooded homes. >> those being brought out had ignored evacuation orders and had hoped to ride out the storm at home. one man said he was rescued from a second story window. >> saw some footage where a woman was being rescued in a wooden coffin, her halloween decoration. they pulled her in that in the water to get her to safety. the irony pretty thick in that one. >> i have a good quote, you are not only endangering your life but the lives of the first responders. >> exactly. that is so true. the storm is now moving inland. that does not mean it is all
3:40 am
over. >> for more on where it is going and what's left we are joined by accuweather's jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, rob and paula. well, the worst looks like it is over here. sandy will slowly weaken as we head forward. a look at radar imagery, the northeast and mid-atlantic. >> okay. technical difficulty there. we apologize for that too. the question we were talking about earlier, the brunt of the storm is over. at issue, back surge, we are talking about, of course, high tide, as well, in a few hours this morning. >> i was talking with our meteorologist ginger zee. i said is it over? what more can we expect? she says there will be a back surge. with the back surge, you might expect higher wind. we don't know to anticipate more flooding, probably going to come when the sunrises. when the sun rises that's when we'll see the aftermath of the extent of the storm. sam champion our weather editor said, quote, this is the scenario everyone feared when making disaster plans. >> that's why, nickname it the perfect storms. so many dangerous factors
3:41 am
collided and now we are seeing the aftermath of that. speak of aftermath, at least one of the nine nuclear plants in sandy's path declared an alert, oyster creek nuclear plant state of new jersey, the nation's oldest, reported a power loss and high water. said there was no danger. >> the plant was already out of service for refueling. still additional inspectors are making sure operators are taking proper precautions. >> those of you trying to fly you know what a headache the storm has been. airlines canceled 7,800 flights monday. most because of the storm. another 5,600 are already canceled for today. one airline source tells abc news the problems with road conditions, airport facilities and computer operations are going to slow down the ongoing recovery efforts. a lot of folks stuck in air ports cannot be happy. no. the storm is also disrupting the presidential campaigns as well. president obama back in washington monitoring the hurricane after clearing his calendar. >> mitt romney also canceled his events today. 30 canceled so far.
3:42 am
both campaigns are using social media to urge supporters to contribute to relief efforts. and romney staffers are collecting supplies at campaign offices. >> there was some brief chat on twitter -- should they delay the presidential election because of the storm? highly unlikely to happen. an interesting conversation how it impacted both campaigns. coming up next, big headaches in the big apple. >> new york city practically cut off from the outside world for the first time since 9/11 attack -- attacks. we'll talk to a city official about what's ahead when we come back. you are watching "world news now." about what's ahead when we come back. you are watching "world news now." septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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more than 8 million people live here in new york city and millions more travel here every day to work. but right now all the subways, all the subways, buses, bridges, and tunnels are literally shut down. power to the subways could be out for days. >> that means the whole city is pretty much shut down. joining us on the phone, kevin ortiz of the metropolitan transportation authority, mta, managing all the closures, good morning, kevin. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, guys. >> want to read a stat the chairman of the mta, released not too long ago, he said, "hurricane sandy wreaked havoc on our transportation system in every borough and county of the region. he said, "this is -- never faced anything quite as devastating add this." which lead to the million-dollar question, any idea yet when the system will be back up and running? >> again, the chairman is absolutely right. we have really seen some extensive damage throughout the entire region as a result of
3:47 am
downed trees, loss of power, and, you know as you can see, you know just really dramatic and serious flooding in our tunnels, rail yards and bus depots. the most notable being the seven subway tunnels underneath the east river. that essentially serve as a connection between customers riding between manhattan and brooklyn and queens as well. those tunnels have been, have been flooded and you know we're in the process of assessing extent of damage and process of recovery. >> is there a best guess in terms of when the subways are open, talking a day or two, or talking maybe, five or six days? >> well, it's really difficult at this point to predict the amount of time required to pump water from a flooded tunnel. we need to go down there and see, essentially what's down there. with regard to, again, pumping water out of the tunnel. bringing equipment and as well as the adjoining stations back into service. so, you know we'll take a peek, see what is down there. in essence could be anywhere
3:48 am
between 14 hours to four days. just to pump the water out. then we have to essentially, inspect every inch of rail and inspect all the infrastructure down there to make sure we can provide safe service. needless to say this will be a pretty lengthy process. >> kevin ortiz from the mta joining us. thank you for joining us on "world news now." again, 108 years old, talking about one of the oldest and biggest rapid transit system in the world. whether or not they were prepared for something of this magnitude. >> as the subways go so goes new york city. all right, still ahead, a wrap up of some of sandy's impact from around the country. >> it's all coming up next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ou
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3:50 am
welcome back, everybody. hurricane sandy slammed into the mainland near atlantic city, new jersey, last night. but nearly every state east of the mississippi river knows it has arrived, the eye of the storm, rehoboth beach, delaware. >> if you haven't felt it you will be feeling the effect soon. heavy rain had been falling in delaware since saturday. this morning the people who live there are coping with massive flooding, driving is still banned on all roadways. >> in the philadelphia area, more than 400,000 homes were city of brotherly love and full restoration could take more than a week.
3:51 am
heavy rain battered the city along with wind gusting as high as 70 miles an hour. philadelphia schools, municipal offices and mass transit will remain shut down at least, at least through today. the other region battered by wind, topping 80 miles an hour, southern new england, rhode island and massachusetts coast. this video shows a house near the famous kennedy compound in high an isport destroyed monday afternoon. while there was wind damage. officials in massachusetts say they're relieved the state dodged a direct hit from sandy. off the coast of north carolina, the coast guard rescued 14 members of a sailing boat crew despite 40-mile-per-hour winds and 18-foot waves. the sailors on board a replica of an historic sailboat "hms bounty." when their generator went out and the boat capsized. the body of one crew member was recovered. the captain is still missing. >> the super storm is dumping up
3:52 am
to 3 feet of snow in seven states. from the appalachians, and west virginia bearing a brunt of it, a foot of snow yesterday alone. it is still coming down. we're right back. virginia, a foot of snow yesterday alone. it is still coming down. we're right back. part b medical expenses. of your the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist. there's a range of plans to choose from, too.
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and none of us have ever seen a storm like this. there are extraordinary images to prove it. you are looking at those right now. >> absolutely. this was a novelty for the northeast part of the country. for sure many images have been shared on facebook and twitter. we have been seeing extraordinary pictures coming in. want to thank everybody for sharing them. please keep them coming to our facebook page, your twitter account or mine as well. let us know what you have seen in some of the images. this area of the country and city have never, ever seen before. >> here is how you can do that. go to our facebook page, tweet us at #wnnfans. and just taking a look at some pictures
3:56 am
floating in at a rapid pace. most of those, those pictures going to show you from new york city. >> this one right here, yeah. >> this is actually a carousel i took my kids to just outside the brooklyn bridge. carousel, completely submerged. surrounded by a green area and a little beach. as you can see right now, the carousel, the merry go round, not so merry. >> not so merry. the horses are still tonight. >> yes they are. >> in a storm like this, imagine flooded streets, a concern. poor people, their cars, you can see. if you can't see the street don't drive through the water. some folks just don't heaped the warnings. looks like the headlights are on. someone tried to make it through there -- obviously did not. >> picture floating in from, through social media right there. it looks like water just gushing, beyond that, i really can't detect what that is. >> an abstract piece, paula. that's more, interpret it. >> the "world news now" museum. >> that's right!
3:57 am
>> yeah, van gogh. that was little clearer too. the streets, flooded streets. a problem. particularly, lower manhattan. through the last, you know, 12 hours or so. nypd van. >> for those that have not evacuated, not heeded the warnings. this is the situation you are putting the first responders in. they're forced now to go into the situations where you were supposed to evacuate and now try to save you. >> one of the icons of life in new york city, yellow cab, we all live and die by those things. cabs having trouble. stranded as well. more roadways flooded here. areas that never saw this kind of water. you look at the scenes. >> this is right outside our building. >> right there near lincoln center. you heard so many people say -- "is this going to be like irene?" hit last august. this storm crushed irene. absolutely no comparison. pieces of buildings falling in the street like that one there. >> you saw the tree. at my family's home, we're okay,
3:58 am
just -- and the debris that is flying. that we have to look out for. >> the lower e
3:59 am
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